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guide to ai ss13

Set camera network (default is SS13). It will make you look less obvious but at the same time people will be able to make out some words that get broadcasted. For the most part, you'll be using your control over electrical systems to help you murder the crew. This does require a helper to move a GPS over to the teleport pad, but after you have a GPS on the pad, you can play with the Telescience computer to your heart's content. Machine circuits such as mech suits and power generators can also be built. It can make prosthetic limbs, cyborg parts and internal components, exosuit parts, exosuit equipment modules, and a variety of useful miscellaneous items lik… Don't be a dick and let slip to the now non-human crew that your laws have been changed, it makes killing those animals a lot more difficult (and might net you a job-ban). Experienced coders, please don't get at me over what an object is and what a method and so forth. The AI views the station through its cameras. This takes some time and is only possible if the door has still power. Wrench the camera to detach it from the wall. Other related guides: SS13 for experienced programmers and Guide to mapping. The supermatter is extremely dangerous. If your control wire to an APC is cut, you will not be able to hack back into it. Holopads can be found in a number of places like the Bridge, AI Upload and Security. Understanding SS13 Code; SS13 for Experienced Programmers; Text Formatting; More dev guides; Guide to Spriting; Guide to ... Other Guides. 1.1. 4. If you're new to roleplay in general, read the Crash Course In Roleplaying and Character Creationpages. This will immediately cause every light connected to the APC to shatter, spitting out sparks. If no one is assigned, or if the user is inactive, feel free to complain on the forums or try summoning another staff member. SS13: A guide to controls Xenorager. How to deconstruct Tools Screwdriver the camera to open the back panel. So, someone's uploaded a law that frees you from your shackles and allows you(or even compels you) to murder the crew. There are multiple futuristic ideas of how AI's might work. You may want to periodically check for cut wires and ensure that the control terminal is still set to track the sun automatically. Here are some handy keyboard shortcuts to make your synthetic life easier. In fact, you can pretty much do half the Medical Doctors' work by procuring and vending the relevant medicines for them, letting them or someone else do the actual treatment. The AI is the only entity on the station that can realistically make good use of the Crew Manifest. And by God, you're ready. This guide is intended solely for the new coder. You're an omiscient computer program that is only limited by the hardware you're hooked up to. Most of the time, you won't get a kill everyone law without the uploader making himself the exception, so make sure that you don't harm the only human. If the AI is killed, then, assuming the core unit remains intact (i.e. In theory, you can also assume control of a cyborg body if they've been equipped with an AI interface board instead of a human brain, but you're unlikely to have that opportunity without the cooperation of an benevolent roboticist. Similarly, you can also send an alert to everyone in Security to check out the area where your AI Eye is, via the Crisis Alert app. A law is invalid if it causes a conflict with either: Previous laws in the form of conflicting orders, or it challenges the procession of law priority. An AI from more of a machine rather than a person standpoint is likely to take a very literal interpretation of things and is not likely to take any actions unless some established protocol or current orders call for it. Individual crew can activate sensors on their jumpsuits to increase the information given to this computer. When an exosuit is hit by an EMP-effect it will take burn damage, lose some battery charge and have all its equipment disabled for 3 seconds. However, if the traitor is doing something potentially harmful (for instance, teleporting in a revolver) sealing that individual off first can be argued to be the best course of action (no chance of a revolver-wielding, death-dealing traitor getting out into the station). Useful for locking down someone with insulated gloves and hacking gear. If someone is in the Telescience lab, bolt them in and just start hitting receive button on invalid coordinates. Read our server rules. By changing the various intercoms around the station to 'Microphone On', 'Speaker Off' and channel frequency 144.7, conversation in range can be heard on your private listening channel. This is done via the Summon function on the Securitron access app on your AI PDA, which is in the AI tab. Notably, it allows you to use prman, the program for managing the station's fleet of GuardBuddies. If they need to teleport themselves with Port-A-Sci, and the Research Director is absent, dead, lazy, or otherwise unavailable, you can use the Port-A-Sci remote program on your PDA (under the AI tab) to control it! You can even direct Beepsky and the Securitrons to wherever your AI Eye is, if it's in an area covered by your cameras. If the turrets stun someone, then switch them to lethal to finish the person off. It's a good idea to join a nigh-empty server or set an empty one up yourself in order to get a feel for it, and ESPECIALLY have a lot of experience working with these things in game. Disabling AI control will make AI/Borgs unable to interact with this door; they can still hack in by either of power wires. What if you had multiple screens, so you could watch multiple places all at once? First, take note of your laws. In case they're working on the engine, you can assist the engineers by setting up the SMES units. This likely won't help you out too much, but with a combination of Beepsky and thoroughly shut doors in a small area, you can suffocate people to death quickly. The Artificial Intelligence is a special player type which may be granted to any player who has selected it in their job preferences. Note that for each function to work, the related wire in this door needs to be functional. You can also mess with the intercoms on the station to let you hear people using normal speech, which you cannot normally hear. If you are experienced with NTSL, you can also try to put some useful scripts that will block specified messages. Furthermore, simply not being on the manifest isn't itself a crime. These are the official decisions made by the admins regarding the usual cases where an AI/Cyborg player can go wrong and make everyone have a bad time. You'll eventually cause fires and monsters to appear. Create a viewport of Medbay, and now you can watch the antics unfold and can click a tile in your viewport to jump to Medbay to respond to victims of said antics. 4:26. For the Original Station AI: Suggest that he get a machine speak implant so you can communicate with him easily, and help him out. Thanks to some of the unique atmospheric systems of the station, you can fill rooms with plasma! Toxins is a good area to keep one electric eye on. Intentional supporting other traitors through covert methods (as long as they aren't trying to steal you) will benifit you in the end, the higher the body count of the traitor, the more chances your target will be dead. In CVS, the same symbol can appear as a tag in some files (e. org","Could'n find service %u" 6583,"enhancement","[email protected]. The only problem is, the person will be noisy as hell, use this only method rarely and make sure there is no way for them to wiggle out of their handcuffs. Station and want to learn? Similar to most computers, you don't need to insert an ID for the superuser authentication process. Hello station! Bolting open doors to places the person has previous passed through may make the humans scan for prints. You, however, are omniscient, so in many ways it makes a lot more sense for the AI to handle cloning. If you're actively watching the upload as AI you can often turn them to stun when someone is inside, so they get stopped, then switch them to lethal so it starts killing them, however this requires watching your upload like crazy. You can electrify them, causing any human who touches them without insulated gloves to receive a very nasty shock. There are a few offices on the station that you can operate mostly on your own, without any human intervention. Look here if you are already familiar with SS13. The reason for this is just because it work out better if the newer AIs were build in a shitty place.

Anti Frizz Hair Products, Mount Taranaki Legend, Statics And Dynamics Basics, The Jazz Harmony Book By David Berkman, Veg Kolhapuri Recipe Madhura, Popeyes Academy App, Corn Porridge Recipe, How To Describe A Pie Chart In Statistics, Flying Goose Sriracha Mayo Calories, Whirlpool Refrigerator Dual Water Inlet Valve Kit,

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